Light Box Benefits

How LED Light Boxes Can Brighten Your Business

What is an LED lightbox, and why do you need one for your business? You may not have purchased or used these immensely convenient and effective devices before, but you've definitely seen them around -- in store windows, at POS stations and even overhanging the main entrances of major retail outlets. These versatile, easy-to-read boxes can display any message you want your customers to receive, in full color and vivid detail, and they can make that impact far more cost-effectively than other ... Read more

What LED Light Boxes Can Do to Bring Your Set Design to Life

When it comes to the success of a movie or television show, you may wonder what matters almost as much as the dialogue, the plot, and the cast. Lighting can make a powerful impact on any scene, providing the perfect ambience and mood. This allows the viewer to get lost in this unforgettable moment. Of course, as a director, you could spend hours arranging spotlights and overhead lights to create the perfect illumination for a set. You can also rely on ... Read more

3 Reasons Why LED Light Boxes Offer A Diverse Lighting Solution

Advertising can be difficult and without the right information and advertising extras, your ads can go from eye-catching and beautiful to completely worthless. With the right extras, however, any advertisement can be instantly more visible and eye-catching. LED light boxes and LED edge lit acrylic panels are a great way to make your advertisements instantly pop and to make your office look that much better. 1- Extra Lighting- one reason that LED light boxes are so wonderful is that they can ... Read more